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7 Essential Tips for First Time Texas Hold ‘Em Players

Texas Hold ‘Em is one of the most interesting poker games in the casino. It is also considered the most popular among other variants, being highlighted in the World Series of Poker Main Event. Surprisingly, it is very easy to play. It has simple rules and mechanics. But of course, you need to be equipped with skills and winning strategies to outshine others. If you are new to Texas Hold ‘Em, consider these 7 essential tips for first-time players:

Know the rules of game

Firstly, you need to know what Texas Hold ‘Em is. Don’t start playing if you are not even familiar with the rules, the betting mechanics, and other important things in playing Texas Hold ‘Em poker.

Study the starting hands

The first set of cards dealt with you can actually give you a signal to go with the game. There are best and worst Texas Hold ‘Em starting hands. Some of the best starting hands include AA, KK, QQ, and JJ, among others. These cards make the best possible flushes. On the other hand, hands like 72, 82, 73, and 26 may lit low pairs with bad kickers.

Learn to strategize betting

There are a lot of things that should be considered in betting – initial amount to bet, the call or check, the raise and so much more. As much as possible, observe other opponents’ betting patterns for you to strategize you betting. Moreover, learn about the betting trends.

Master the art of slow playing

Slow playing is a method that is best used when playing with opponents who have a high percentage of hands and have the tendency to bet and raise every after the flop. When you slow play, you are setting a trap for your opponent. But it’s not all easy. There are various do’s and don’ts in applying the art of slow playing.

Understand “bluffing”

Bluffing is another art used by most professional Texas Hold ‘Em poker players. However, most novice or beginner players misused this too much. Bluffing is like deceiving your opponent about the value of your card. On the other hand, if you play with advanced players, they will likely know if you are bluffing. So, it is important for you to master and understand the bluffing strategy.

Manage your bankroll properly

Your bankroll will determine if you are going to play or not. Make sure that you build your bankroll first before engaging into Texas Hold ‘Em. A healthy bankroll is needed to make sure that you achieve your monetary goals much quicker and easier. If you play now within your bankroll, you are increasing your risk of losing too much money and become broke.

Do not be afraid to fold

Always remember, nothing is wrong with folding. It will not make less of you as a player. If you really do not feel the hand, then fold. Don’t stick onto something that you know has no future.

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Here you go! Beginners should take everything little by little. Before you play, consider asking for some advice from professional Texas Hold ‘Em players. Definitely, they can help you improve a lot.

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