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7 Most Common Mistakes of Beginner Poker Players

Playing poker is easy, but winning the game may really be hard. As a beginner, you will experience series of losses, and that’s normal. Further, you will realize that you’ve done certain actions that did not help your game in the poker. These are called mistakes, and then again, it’s normal. Most beginners do fall mistakes. However, they shouldn’t be seen as bad things. They are there for a purpose, and that is to make you stronger and improve your skills. According to beginners, here are the 7 most common mistakes that they commit in playing poker.

Playing too many hands

Playing too loose do not just divide your attention to too many hands, but it is potential bankroll draining. Most beginners are overwhelmed of playing too many hands and placing too many wagers. Among their reasons for playing too loose include getting bored in the middle of the game or simply, they are looking for more opportunities. By playing like this, you are not improving your win rate at all.

Playing too tight

On the other hand, there is also a disadvantage in playing too tight. You can be the favorite opponent of advanced players. If you play too tight, there is a tendency that you will miss out more marginal. Most beginners will say that they want to avoid tough post-flop decisions, but in the end, they find themselves losing.

Not changing their strategy

Poker is a dynamic game. Players also play. Opponents have varied strategies. With all these accounts, you are required to be versatile with your strategy. Most beginners are so attached to their strategy. They forget that different circumstances need different strategies. The most effective strategy changes and adapts to the nature of the game.

Failing to plan

Most beginners also play immediately without planning their future streets and decisions. Maybe they are so excited or they are just not so serious about winning. Without a plan, you will fail at different challenging spots.

Starting with the worst hands

Again, be strategic in choosing your hand. If you enter a pot with the worst hand, then you will also get the worst results. Always start the game with goods hands. If you’ve got bad ones, don’t hesitate to fold them. Remember, start your day right, the same with poker.


Losing opportunity to bet more

Some players are too afraid of placing big bets even if they have the best hands. The result? Other opponents take advantage of the hand. Take a risk if it is necessary. If you feel it, then go!

Neglecting position strategy

According to professional poker players, your position in the table can determine the quality of your cards. Do not disregard the positioning strategy. Always remember, you can play more cards if you are the last to act. So, the later the position, the better.

These are the most common mistakes that are committed by beginner poker players. To those who are starting out, at least these will give you the idea what things and actions to avoid when playing poker.

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