featured7 - Top 8 Poker Trivia You Probably Did Not Know

Top 8 Poker Trivia You Probably Did Not Know

Poker is a fun and interesting card game. It is one of the easiest casino games and the most profitable at the same. You just need skills, strategy, risk, and little bit of luck to win. But poker game is not just about odds, hands, and bets. There is more behind the word “poker”. Poker is rich in history, secrets, and interest facts. Let us learn more about this card game with these top 8 trivia every poker player probably did not even know:

Poker is more than 10 centuries old

Poker has been a popular game in the American Old West. But before it dominated the Western gambling culture, historians believe that the Chinese were the first ones to play poker in the 10th century. In the 16th century, Persians played “As Nas”, a gambling game resembling poker.

Dominos is poker’s ancestors

Historians believe that the poker card game originated from dominos. In 969 A.D, Emperor Mu-Tsung of China played “domino cards” with his wife on New Year’s Eve in which bluffing was used as a major strategy of the game.

Poker was played with 20 cards only

Based on the historical accounts of 19th-century books, poker was originally played with 20 cards only. It was only in the 1800s when the standard 52-card deck was introduced.

The longest poker game lasted for over 8 years

The Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone, Arizona claimed that they hold the record for the longest poker game in history. According to their record, the game lasted for eight years, five months, and three days. The Bird Cage was a popular gambling establishment in the 1880s.

Poker chips were “gold” before

The tokens that were used before in playing poker were anything from gold nuggets, gold dust, and gold coins. In the 1880s, saloons and gambling establishments realized the need to standardize the tokens. Thus, they crafted poker chips out of bone, wood, or ivory decorated with unique symbols. In the 1900s, clay chips started.

Poker came to TV in 1973

The World Series of Poker made a debut in 1970. Since then, poker became a worldwide hit. In 1973, CBS Sports asked the organizers of WSOP to grant them full coverage of the dramatic WSOP competition in that year. That was the first ever televised poker event. Now, poker tournaments are regularly televised on various channels. It is also now accessible on the internet.

UK hosts the biggest poker game ever

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the October 2015 tournament held in Onchan, Isle of Man, United Kingdom is the biggest poker tournament ever, with over 250,000 players worldwide. It was hosted by PokerStars UK.

Texas Hold ‘Em became huge after a century

The history of Texas Hold ‘Em can be traced back in the 20th century in Robstown, Texas. It was brought to Las Vegas in the 1960s. It was brought to television in 200s, but it still wasn’t that big. Until the rise of online casinos which reintroduced Texas Hold ‘Em to the new wave of players. Now, it remained the most played poker type in the whole world.

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